Can Shoveling Snow Kill You?

Wednesday 2 January 2019
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By Anonymous

For those of us who live in colder climates, shoveling snow is a necessary evil. While getting rid of the fluffy cold white stuff can make for a much safer commute, few people are aware of the potential dangers. Sure, the activity may look less strenuous than, say, running a marathon, but it is no easy task. Though not considered a sport, shoveling snow carries a number of risks you should be aware of.

Who are these warnings for?

If you are a fit, young person, you are unlikely to suffer any ill effects other than being forced to take care of this chore on behalf of your older household members. However, the following demographics should be extra careful:

  • Seniors
  • Those with cardiovascular issues
  • Sedentary people
  • Smokers and overweight individuals

How is shoveling snow dangerous?

Several things combine to make shoveling snow a risky activity. The biggest factor is that shoveling snow is simply a strenuous thing to do. The BBC breaks down a few other contributing factors:

  • Shoveling causes blood pressure and heart rate to increase, more than many other activities and sports
  • Cold air causes blood vessels to constrict/narrow
  • The risk of having a harmful cardiac event is higher in the morning when people tend to shovel snow

What are some alternative ways to get rid of snow?

Thankfully, digging out the ol’ shovel is not your only way of clearing snow. Here are some alternative options:

  • Salt or sand your sidewalks and driveways to promote ice melting
  • Use alternative devices like snow blowers, leaf blowers, and other equipment designed to easily remove snow
  • Put a tarp over walking areas and use it to gather and remove snow that accumulates on it

You can also pay some eager neighborhood kids to do it; they’re fit, active, and will jump at the idea of earning an extra buck – but do warn them not to exert themselves too much and let them take lots of breaks. And make sure their parents are okay with it first, of course!

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