Testimonies to Our Canadian Pharmacy’s Worth

Many online pharmacies proudly claim that they can help you find the affordable medication. While they might be able to do so, they will likely have a harder time providing you excellent service at the same time.

Luckily, there are more than enough online pharmacies to choose from! Though, how do you choose which one is best for you?

To ease your search, why not consider going with our Canadian pharmacy service? We believe everyone deserves not just medication that is both safe and affordable but also a service that gives you 100% satisfaction.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at our customer testimonials to see just how much we’re worth it.
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By Darryl, B Ellicott City, MD — November, 2019
Perfectly fine!

I save well over $200 every year on one medication by ordering through you. RxConnected made the medication possible for me to obtain when I wasn’t able to get the medication locally here at a reasonable price. Before, I was mainly trying to work through my insurance and even though the doctor was prescribing it due to the fact that I take so many blood pressure medicines that this would be an offset to some of the side effects to that. My insurance company wouldn’t work with me and so basically, the doctor ended up having samples, then that dried up. Then it ended up to this. I’m perfectly fine now with refilling medications online. I used to order mail order with another pharmacy and that was a nightmare. So I stopped using that, and went back to getting them locally. To my fellow Americans, I would say that we definitely should consider being able to purchase prescriptions outside the continental United States because the pharmacies and drug manufacturers just have everything so controlled here as a profit-motive thing, and the American people get ripped off.

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By Jacqueline, L Scottsdale, AZ — November, 2019
Very, very easy!

When ordering through RxConnected, I save $378 on each 3 month supply of Lumigan, and $870 on each 3 month supply of Anoro Ellipta. This means that annually, I save just under $5000. Before placing my first order, I was not sure the product would be the same product distributed in the US, but I spoke with a few RxConnected clients that made me feel assured the products were the same. The order process is very, very easy and there is someone to speak to on the phone with if you have any questions or issues!  The representatives I’ve spoken to have been very, very helpful and graciously handled my situation. They’re also very knowledgeable about the products and the process steps, and they were Canadians – not from a vendor in another country that has a limited scope of answers and actions! All that the company is doing is working, and hopefully your executives keep that as a priority in their discussions of future strategies – not just money!

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By Peter, D Fountain Hills, AZ — November, 2019
Very professional in every aspect.

I currently take Eliquis, and by ordering through RX Connected I save around $200 on every 3 month supply that I order.  Before, I had always been concerned about prescriptions that were filled in foreign countries, but I decided to go with RX Connected after my cardiologist suggested your company. My experience while ordering through you can be described as very professional in every aspect. The consistent follow-up, along with the level of awareness and concern really stands out to me.

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By Kelley, D Hammon, OK — November, 2019
Quick and simple!

I’m not sure of the exact amount that I save by ordering through RxConnected, but it’s high. Ordering through you is very convenient because you call and remind me when it’ time to refill them so I don’t have to worry about running out, and just a phone call. It’s quick and simple. Before, it was very expensive for the medications I have to have. It was stressful because it was so expensive. Initially I was worried about the quality, but it all comes in vacuum sealed packaging, and the quality has been equal to what I was getting through the pharmacy here. So, I don’t have those concerns anymore. If I were to meet someone who was unsure about using RxConnected, I would tell them to do it because it would save them a lot of money. Everybody that I talked to on the phone has been very courteous and helpful. Customer service is great.