How to Deal with ED in a Relationship

Tuesday 23 November 2021
Erectile Dysfunction
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Table of Contents

I. Erectile Dysfunction and Relationships

II. Communicating with Your Partner

III. The Benefits of Education

IV. Focus on Closeness

V. Discuss Treatment Methods with Your Partner

Erectile Dysfunction and Relationships

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can cause problems in a relationship, making it difficult to enjoy sexual activity. Impotence can take a toll on the intimacy between partners and undermine a relationship. Erectile dysfunction can also damage a man’s confidence, impacting his overall outlook on life and subsequently his enthusiasm towards his significant other.

ED medications like brand-name and generic Cialis can improve symptoms, but good communication is vital to prevent erectile dysfunction from harming your relationship. Read on to learn how communication can help you and your partner work through symptoms of impotence.  

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Communicating with Your Partner

Many couples approach erectile dysfunction by blaming each other. However, blame will only drive a wedge between a couple. For good communication, it is important to realize that ED is neither partner’s fault. 

It is also important to address impotence and not avoid the issue. If you do not talk about ED, you may alienate your partner and make them afraid to open up. Opening up to your partner about your symptoms is the best way to help them understand and support you. When both parties know that ED is treatable, you can work together to solve it.

Poor communication can lead to emotional distress, which can worsen ED symptoms. If your doctor believes you will benefit from counseling, they may refer you to a psychologist or certified sex therapist. Psychological erectile dysfunction is a common condition and can be treated with the proper care. Individual counseling offers a non-judgmental space to express feelings of anxiety or low self-esteem. Couples counseling is also highly effective, with up to 70 percent of men experiencing improvements in their symptoms when they attend therapy with their partner. [1]

The Benefits of Education

When you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, you may be reluctant to learn more about the condition. However, educating yourself and your partner about ED can be a good opportunity to bring you closer together. There are many resources that can expand your knowledge about arousal to help you maintain physical intimacy in your relationship. 

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Learning more about ED is helpful, but it may be more important to learn about each other. Your symptoms may be due to a natural change in your sexual response. As a man gets older, he may require different stimulation to be aroused. It can be beneficial to your relationship to explore different methods of arousal together.  

Focus on Closeness

Instead of getting hung up on penetration, focus on closeness. Achieving orgasm without penetration is possible, so it may help to think of kissing, stroking, and manual stimulation as part of the sexual experience. 

Taking the time to reconnect can take the pressure away from a physical performance and make having sex fun again. For example, re-live memories of when you first fell in love or talk about the things that attracted you to each other. If your ED symptoms are due to stress, depression, or anxiety, closeness may resolve any mental blockages and rekindle your sex life. 

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Discuss Treatment Methods with Your Partner

ED affects both partners in a relationship, so you should not have to face this condition alone. In fact, treating ED by yourself can isolate you from your partner and harm your relationship. Make treatment options a topic of discussion and weigh the pros and cons together. Doing so can help set a unified treatment goal and improve your understanding of one another. Exploring a treatment method with your partner can also help you prevent other medical conditions that may cause the condition, like low testosterone and ED

ED drugs such as Cialis (tadalafil) are effective at helping men achieve erections strong enough for penetrative sex. If you and your partner decide to address your symptoms with ED medications, you can fill your prescription on RxConnected. Cialis promotes blood flow to the penis and can be taken daily or as needed. Talk to your doctor for more ways to improve your symptoms today. 

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