The Long-Term Cost of Jardiance: Managing Lifelong Diabetes

Friday 9 June 2023
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Table of Contents

I. Type 2 Diabetes: A Lifelong Financial Commitment

II. The Rising Cost of Jardiance

III. Breaking Down the Cost of Jardiance

IV. What About Generics?

V. Summary

Regardless of when you or your loved one were diagnosed, type 2 diabetes can be a long and challenging journey. From lifestyle changes to medications, managing the complexities of treatment may be emotionally and financially overwhelming.

While Metformin is typically the first medication prescribed to a newly diagnosed patient, Jardiance may be added on if they need additional therapy [1].

Unfortunately, the cost of Jardiance is astronomical and can quickly burn a hole through your wallet—especially if additional family members are also diagnosed. Given that diabetes management is often a long road, it’s critical for many Americans to find affordable solutions that can ease the long-term financial burden of Jardiance.

a family of young and old members

In this article, we take a deep dive into the significant price differences between Jardiance in online Canadian pharmacies and the United States.

By highlighting the potential cost savings and the benefits of utilizing Canadian pharmacies, we aim to shed light on a viable option for you and your family.

Type 2 Diabetes: A Lifelong Financial Commitment

Over 33 million American adults, teens, and children are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes [2]. Among those diagnosed, 88.2% treat their diabetes with insulin, oral medications, or both [3]. Managing this chronic condition often requires multiple medications, which can quickly accumulate significant costs.

One promising medication used to manage type 2 diabetes is Jardiance, a once-daily oral pill that comes in 10 mg and 25 mg tablets [4]. Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Jardiance in lowering blood sugar levels, reducing body weight, and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular death.

Regrettably, the financial burden of Jardiance can be overwhelming for the average American. With a $623 per month price tag for a 10 mg dose [5], many find it difficult to bear this expense. The financial stress only adds to the existing challenges in managing diabetes effectively.

The Rising Cost of Jardiance

With a monthly retail cost of $623.47 for a daily 10 mg dose, few Americans can afford to pay for Jardiance out of pocket.

And, if you have been taking Jardiance for a while, you’ve most likely noticed its increase in price over the past few years. 

You’re not wrong. And it has nothing to do with price inflation over the years.

The table below shows the rising cost of Jardiance compared to the US inflation rate.

chart showing the average cost of Jardiance vs the inflation rate


As the data above shows, since 2019, the price of Jardiance has increased faster than the inflation rate [8]. In addition, the average cost per Jardiance dosage has risen by 13% over the last four years.

This is a serious concern for patients who rely on this medication to manage their diabetes effectively. With such an unpredictable change, it can be challenging to plan and budget for Jardiance.

In the next section of this article, we’ll discuss (in detail) the financial burden of Jardiance depending on your payment method (spoiler: there is good news).

Breaking Down the Cost of Jardiance

In this section, we’re going to talk numbers. Whether you're using insurance, paying out of pocket, or accessing Jardiance through a Canadian pharmacy, we will discuss the costs and savings associated with each situation.

Paying Out of Pocket

If you choose to pay out of pocket for Jardiance, the price varies depending on your dosage and whether you purchase from a US or Canadian pharmacy. The table below illustrates each option.

a chart showing the retail cost of Jardiance

With a 3-month saving of $1,675.41, buying from a Canadian pharmacy is the best financial option if you pay for Jardiance out of pocket. 

Using Insurance

Insurance offers some financial relief for Jardiance, but it is usually insufficient. This is especially true for many people with diabetes who must take two or more medications to manage their symptoms. The costs can add up fast, and you may quickly find yourself in the infamous “donut hole” of Medicaid.

To help your research and financial planning, we’ve included a table below that breaks down the cost of Jardiance 10 mg over the year. This will help you see the price changes during different coverage phases. In addition, we’ve included the cost of Jardiance 10 mg at RxConnected to illustrate the drastic price difference in the annual expenses. 

chart showing the annual cost of Jardiance

*Information accessed May 2023
+Based on the drug plan Wellcare Medicare Rx Value Plus (PDP) (Plan ID: S4802-235-0)

With annual savings of $1,488, buying Jardiance from an online Canadian pharmacy is the best financial option.

Using an Online Canadian Pharmacy

In the last two sections, we discussed the cost of Jardiance when paying out of pocket and when using insurance. We also compared each option to the cost associated with a Canadian pharmacy.

Speaking strictly numbers, the savings associated with a Canadian pharmacy are hard to ignore. In addition, long-term financial planning for diabetes medication must be considered, as many Americans will take Jardiance for the rest of their life to manage symptoms.

We’ve included a table below that illustrates the thousands of dollars you save purchasing Jardiance through an online Canadian pharmacy. Regardless of whether you use insurance in the US, the cost will always be cheaper at a Canadian pharmacy.

a chart showing the cost of Jardiance over 30 years

*Information accessed May 2023
+Based on the drug plan Wellcare Medicare Rx Value Plus (PDP) (Plan ID: S4802-235-0)

The table above shows that over 30 years, purchasing Jardiance from a Canadian pharmacy saves you $19,980 per individual. At RxConnected, we offer medication at a price point that’s 80% lower than your local American pharmacy.

Considering that over 75% of children and young adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes also have a family member already diagnosed [2], these savings can be multiplied for each diagnosed family member.

What About Generics?

Empagliflozin is the generic version of Jardiance and is only a fraction of the cost. However, due to US patent laws, empagliflozin cannot be sold until 2034, when the patent for Jardiance expires.

Fortunately, empagliflozin is available through RxConnected.

At RxConnected, we sell empagliflozin in both the 10 mg and 25 mg doses. The screenshot below shows the price for 100 tablets.

price of generic Jardiance at RxConnected


Jardiance is a promising medication in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, the price point can deter many Americans from considering it for treatment.

At RxConnected, we believe no one should have to choose between their health and finances. 

As a CIPA-certified Canadian pharmacy, we provide safe medications at an affordable price point for Americans. To learn more about our cost of Jardiance or empagliflozin, click here. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What Is the Average Cost of Jardiance?

The average cost of Jardiance in the U.S. is around $600 for 30 tablets. [9] However, prices can vary depending on the pharmacy you visit.

Why Is Jardiance Cheaper in Canada?

Jardiance is more affordable in Canada due to the enforcement of price restrictions by the Canadian government. This strategy ensures medication accessibility for Canadians. [10]

Why Is the Cost of Jardiance Increasing in The U.S.?

The rising cost of Jardiance in the U.S. is partially attributed to America’s practice of patent extension. These extended patents allow manufacturers to retain exclusive medication rights, preventing market competition. Due to this, drug manufacturers have fewer incentives to maintain competitive prices. [11]

Is There Patient Assistance for Jardiance?

Yes, a patient assistance program is offered by Boehringer Ingelheim, the manufacturer of Jardiance. This program helps eligible individuals access the medication at a reduced cost. Learn more at Boehringer Ingelheim Patient Assistance Program.

Are There Savings Cards for Jardiance?

The official Jardiance website features a Jardiance savings card that eligible patients can use to reduce prescription costs. To learn more and enroll in the savings card program, you can visit the following link: Jardiance Savings Card.

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